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We provide chemistry and formulation services for medical device and drug delivery products: 

    1. We provide customer synthesis of your small molecules and functionalized polymers.

    2. We solve your technical problems for consistent performance and industry compliance.

    3. We develop new technology for your current business need and future business expansion.

    4. We provide training on innovation methodologies.

Our professional service is based on our success of more than 20 years experience in medical device and drug delivery product development. We have been dedicated to providing outstanding, reliable services and new technology to our valuable clients worldwide. Let us help you provide the materials you need, solve the technical problems you have and develop the new technology for your continued success. In today's competitive market, it is essential that you use active ingredients and other materials in high quality, you effectively solve your technical problem quickly and you develop new technology efficiently for your business expansion. Our innovation training course is provided by innovation experts with many years innovation experience from developing the best technologies for the most successful companies in the world. 

Protect your business, enhance your product, expand your market and grow your technical team. Call Molecule today to discuss your project and our service (408-963-9222) or e-mail us at customerservice@gomolecule.com

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