Sr. Research Scientist (1994-2000). He is a recognized technology and innovation leader with many 

patents, publications and books. At Paloza (Molecule®), we are a team of experts with many years’ 

experiences in different chemical, pharmaceutical and consumable fields. We have broad range, state of 

the art facilities. We are next door. We provide “One Stop Service”. Call us today.

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Find detailed information about our small intermediate molecules,  functional and smart polymers/materials.

             Small molecules - about 200 more

             Polymers - about 10 more

             Powder Filled Capsules, Granules Filled Capsules, Spheroids Filled Capsules, Mini-Tablets Filled Capsules, Extended release Capsules

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Paloza (Molecule®) is a chemistry and biotech R&D Service Company, with headquarters located in the center of Silicon Valley. We provide a broad range of services in the areas of chemistry, formulation, R&D and microbiology, technical review and technical translation. Molecule® is our registered trade mark. Innovation is our brand. Problem solving is our strength. Providing the best service is our commitment. Thus, we provide “One Stop Service” whenever we can (see below). If you need quick results with the best quality, we have the expertise you need and we are  right next door. Whether you have an application in a medical device, pharmaceuticals, a drug device or cosmetics, call us today.

We provide new technologies in the areas of smart polymer material, smart scavengers, chemical sensors, smart hydrogels, smart antimicrobial materials, smart control release and drug delivery materials, smart heavy metal scavengers and other smart functional materials. 

Synthesis of small molecule compounds and materials and contract research.

Our mission is to provide best materials, technology and chemical service to the medical device, health care, drug delivery, biotech and environmental protection industries.

Peter Zhu, Ph.D., President of Paloza, has about 20 years’ experience in chemistry, drug delivery and

medical device. He was OPTIMedical Vice President of Chemistry (2010-2011), CooperVision Director 

of Polymer Science (2007-2010), Johnson & Johnson Research Fellow (ALZA/ASP, 2000-2007) and 3M 

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Find detailed information about our  new technologies for collaboration: Antimicrobial technologies, environmental technologies, drug delivery and control release.

            Small molecules - about 200 more

            Polymers - about 10 more

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             New Biocides Development: The Combined Approach of Chemistry and Microbiology (ACS Symposium Series) by Peter C. Zhu



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