Our Executive Officer

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of technologies, services and materials in the areas of smart materials, to support medical device, drug delivery, medicinal chemistry and environmental protection industries.

Our Vision

Dr. de la Calle's proven success record spans more than 18 years during which time he negotiated more than fifteen deals in the global biotech space. His expertise is working internationally to form strategic partnerships in the areas of platform technologies, therapeutics, and diagnostics. For over 8 years he has applied his international networks and business experience to support biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies internationally in strategic marketing and business development.

Most recently he was appointed as Executive Consultant by a division of the South Korean government supporting in a central role Korean companies in successful market penetration, product partnering and fund raising in USA and Europe. Previously he served as Vice President of business development for Gemmus Pharmaceuticals supporting a Series A fund raising round. Before he worked as Vice President of corporate and business development at The NDA Group, the company that facilitated development of more than a third of the products approved in Europe in 2009. In a prior role, he was head of business development at Innate Pharma, S.A. (France), where he led the negotiating team and advanced the closing of alliances and licenses that proved to be of strategic importance both for the company’s successful IPO in 2006 and for its commercial product launch in early 2007. He was Director of business development at Micromet where he helped start the licensing business of the scFv IP portfolio.  Micromet achieved remarkable success with the BiTE approach and was acquired by Amgen for $1.2B.

Dr. de la Calle received his M.S. in physics from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. His Ph.D. was awarded from the Freie University of Berlin in biochemistry after having performed his research at Harvard Medical School. He conducted his postdoctoral and business studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.