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Prof. Otto Wolfbeis (Professor of Analytical and Interface Chemistry,, Statement March 21, 2012)
"I really enjoyed working with Peter Zhu in the past three years in the field of optical sensor technology.  It was a pleasure to discuss, with him, new ideas and the design of chemical sensors for clinical settings. It was a highly productive time and it is fair to say that such sensors are based on front technologies in the field.  His efficiency in terms of sensor development, and his leadership also is highly appreciated."

Masao Yafuso (Sr Research Spec., 3M managed Peter at 3M Health Care/CDI):

“Peter Zhu was a productive member of my R&D group at CDI 3M healthcare. He was an energetic, creatively aggressive and observant investigator. Since then he has moved on to increasingly more responsible and demanding positions. At each step, he expanded his expertise in breadth and depth. His experiences have made him seasoned and well equipped to handle current and new challenges in this rapidly evolving environment.” April 13, 2011.

Matthew Romey, (Senior Research Chemist of Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, colleague, worked indirectly for

“Peter is a very talented organic chemist. I worked closely with Peter in the chemistry lab, working on the development of novel fluorescent biosensing dyes. He taught me much about the art of organic chemistry, and I tried my hardest (unsuccessfully) to keep up with him! Peter gets results, and I recommend his work highly.”  April 4, 2012

Alfred Marek (President of OptiMedical, managed Peter)

 “Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity. Peter was instrumental in bringing on time 2 new sensors through the NPD feasibility phase. Peter has a deep knowledge in the area of analytic chemistry”. December 1, 2011.

Isao Sasaki (Ph.D. Research Scientist, Opti Medical Systems)

 “I met Peter Zhu as my supervisor when he was the VP of R&D Chemistry with OPTI Medical. Peter was a hands-on manager motivating, inspiring, and treating equally his people (including me). He brilliantly succeeded in developing 2 new sensors which had been almost impossible for anybody to develop before he joined the team in a short amount of time. I always remember his sparkling eyes when having discussions about R&D. I highly recommend Peter as a manager or consultant of challenging R&D projects especially at early phases when they seem almost impossible to implement.” December 4, 2011.

Dan Ben-David (Project Leader, Ph.D., OPTIMedical)

 “I have had the honor of working with Peter Zhu for the past year and a half. Peter came to OMS with very substantial and diverse knowledge/expertise of materials science, formulations, and organic synthesis. Much of our interaction was focused on root-cause investigations of practical issues/observations on existing product and structure-function effects of components on a systems level. Peter was very appreciative and supportive of work that enhanced the fundamental understanding of our methods and was an enthusiastic listener/participant. He was eager to integrate his expertise with empirical systems-level feedback. He focused on not only academic understanding, but practical application in giving chemical synthetic goals that would provide product with more predictable performance characteristics, reducing cost and improving quality. His contributions to new methods were significant. I highly recommend Peter Zhu as a VP, Director-level contributor.” December 1, 2011.

Aparna Kasani (Ph.D. Research Scientist, Idexx / OPTI Medical Systems)

 “Peter is very productive in developing new sensors in a short time. He works very hard for the progress of the projects. Peter has excellent communication skills and he makes sure all the members of the group are well informed. He has keen interest to maintain clean and safe labs. Peter is a very good manager and team player. He tries his best to provide the opportunities for the professional growth to the people who work with him. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Peter.” December 2, 2011.

Our vision is to be the most trusted provider of technologies, services and materials in the areas of smart materials, to support medical device, drug delivery, medicinal chemistry and environmental protection industries.


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Peter Zhu, Ph.D., President of Paloza, has more than 20 years experience in chemistry, drug delivery and medical device. He was OPTIMedical Vice President of Chemistry (2010-2011), CooperVision Director of Polymer Science (2007-2010), Johnson & Johnson Research Fellow (ALZA/ASP, 2000-2007) and 3M Sr. Research Scientist (1994-2000). He is a recognized technology leader with broad experience numerous inventions (with patents, publications and books) in medical device, drug device, smart and functional materials, environmental technologies and basic sciences. His hobby is innovation methodology.

1. Contract/consulting service for chemical sensors of: pH, CO2, O2, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+,
Cl-, lactate, H2O2, creatinine, glucose and urea
2. Customer synthesis/manufacture: Chemical sensor compounds and materials
3. Linking chemistry: R&D or production contract
4. New sensor development
5. Chemical sensor coating structures: Development and improvement
6. Chemical sensor manufacture process: Development and improvement
7. Chemical sensor performance problems: Trouble-shooting
8. Chemical sensor performance: problems solving and improvement
9. Biosensors: R&D, process contract
10. Others: Sensor structure design, sensor fabrication and precision coating, sensor
immobilization to polymer matrix, sensor emulsion technology, sensor silicone

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